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Founder’s Focus - Ep13 - Up close and personal with Dan Kirkland and Dean Sadler, Co-founders, Tribepad

January 12, 2022

Founders Focus is the show where we get up close and personal with the leaders of the recruitment technology businesses changing the way we work today.

Next up are Dan Kirkland & Dean Sadler, Co-founders of Tribepad

- What is the difference between being C-level vs Senior Exec?

- How did a career in engineering prepare you for being a founder of a recruitment tech business?

- Were you always going to be doing startup?

- What areas of being a CEO do you feel you need support?

- What do you look for when hiring for leadership potential?

- How did the idea for Tribepad emerge?

- What was your biggest doubt before you both agreed to do this?

- What does the product roadmap look like for 2022?

All this and more as we take a deep dive into the business leaders building the technology changing the way we work today.


Ep13 Founders Focus is supported by Tribepad


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