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Brainfood Live On Air - Ep98 - The Dark Side of LinkedIn: Dealing with Bullies, Stalkers & Trolls

February 26, 2021


If you're a follower of this channel chances are you use LinkedIn every day as part of your essential toolkit as a professional in the people business.

We don't expect to encounter trouble here do we?

And yet, there is a price to be paid when you are a user of the platform where anyone can sign up, anyone can post, anyone can comment or message. Some of us - by dint of gender, ethnicity, professional role or something else, can be a target more than others.

This week's brainfood is a change of pace - lets have a think about how other people experience LinkedIn and how best to deal with troublesome or malevolent interactions we might encounter there.

Friday 26th February, 2.00pm UTC

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