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Brainfood Live On Air - Ep89 - From the Developers POV Part One - Recruiter outreach

December 11, 2020

Hiring qualified software developers remains one of the hard challenges in business today. With Covid-19 forcing the world to accelerate digital transformation, demand for the builders of tomorrow's tools and systems  never been greater. 

Brainfood Live On Air is delighted to introduce a new series - From the Developers POV - where the guest speakers and panellists will be developers themselves - and they will tell us what works and what doesn't in conventional recruiter behaviour. 

Part 1: Effective Recruiter Outreach

- What type of message works best for first contact?
- What amount of  customisation of the message is required?
- Do tools like Crystal knows really work?
- How about follow up - when and how many times?
- What immediately turns you off in a recruiter message?
- All this and more from developers who are receiving your messages daily. 

Must listen for any tech recruiter - learn from the community you want to hire from. 

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