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Brainfood Live On Air - Ep83 - Nurturing Online Communities with Rosie Sherry, Vanessa Raath & Allyn Bailey

October 30, 2020

Get the feeling that the idea of the 'talent pipeline' might be over?

It was always a nonsense - that people who move in one direction through an interaction with an employer, and only end up with one outcome - offer of a job or not. 

We know that the the relationship between potential employee and future employer is much more complex, multi-faceted. at multi-speeds. More recruiters will be speaking to candidates years before they become employees, relationships built over time and many iterations. 

The question for modern TA departments is: how best to nurture relationships? Don't tell me an email drip campaign is the way. We got to be smarter than that ;-)

We're going to be gathering together experts in online relationship building, including the awesome Vanessa Raath, who has built a community of recruiters across South Africa, Rosie Sherry, Community Manager at Indie Hackers and the ever awesome Allyn Bailey at Intel. 

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