The Recruiting Brainfood Podcast

Brainfood Live On Air - Ep53 - Mental Health for Recruiters During Lockdown w/ Garry Turner, Helen Amery & Zuzana Tarclova

April 3, 2020

Mental health has never been a more important topic, especially in the light of the shocking phase shift we have all experienced during this enduring pandemic. 

We all need to learn to recognise the symptoms of stress behaviour - in our colleagues, as well as a amongst ourselves.. Importantly, as we adjust to our new realities, we need to quickly learn strategies for dealing with mental health challenges that we are likely to need in today and tomorrow. 

I'll be joined by creator of Value Through Vulnerability podcast host Garry Turner, Leadership Coach Helen Amery  & Integrative Psychotherapist Zuzana Tarcalova

Episode 53 of Brainfood Live On Air is supported by our buddies at  Applied. If you are serious about de-biasing your recruiting, you need to take a look at Applied's  unique diversity & inclusion recruiting tools. Contact a member of the team for more information here

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