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Brainfood Live On Air - Ep178 - From Talent Intelligence to Talent Acquisition

October 28, 2022

From Talent Intelligence to Talent Acquisition


Talent Intelligence or TI has been the coolest kid in the recruitment block for a little while now, with elite employers using labour market intelligence to properly plan their hiring strategy. Even more relevant in the era of distributed working, employers now need to reach the global talent pool but do so based on data, rather than gut feel. So far, so good eh? However, how exactly do we get there?


- Case study from Citi

- What was the end goal of the project?

- What value was expected to be gained?

- How was the business case put together?

- What was the change management plan?

- How to get Hiring Managers, C-level and Recruiters to agree

- Key criteria for vendor / tools selection

- What were the main challenges?

- How do we know it's worked?


All this and more with w/ Jeremy Thornton, Senior Project Manager (Citi)


Friday 28th October, 2pm GMT 


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