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Brainfood Live On Air - Ep177 - Hard Truths About Startup: Hiring, Firing & Culture

October 21, 2022

Hard Truths About Startup: Hiring, Firing & Culture


There has not been a sector so widely lauded and intensively covered by the press that tech startup / tech scale up. We hear a great deal about the extraordinary growth, market leading competition and often cutting edge technical and cultural innovation. But beyond the hype, what really lies underneath the world of startup?


We are going to be talking hard truths about startup - the hiring, the firing and culture.


- What makes startup different?

- When does it become a scale up?

- When does it stop being a startup?

- Top 3 skills / traits a recruiter should have to thrive in this environment

- Top 3 things that we know are true but we don't talk about enough

- What are the most important things to get right when you start

- First 100 days what do they look like?

- How do you balance 'getting stuff done' with sustainable process?


All this and more with Meggy Sailer, Author (Culture Up), Anessa Fike, Interim Head of Talent Acquisition (NPR) & Robert Krzyzaniak, Global Head of Tech & Product Recruitment (Forto)

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