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Brainfood Live On Air - Ep176- Sourcing & Recruiting on Discord

October 14, 2022

Sourcing & Recruiting on Discord


Did you know Recruiting Brainfood has a Discord server? I was planning to use it for doing virtual events but never in the end did any virtual events so it basically has sat lying dormant ever since. And yet Discord has rapidly become one of the main places where interest communities come together to connect, share knowledge, meet each other and generally share community. What should we recruiters do about this?


- What is Discord?

- How does it work, technically?

- How is this different from Slack?

- How do I find communities to join?

- What is the etiquette upon entry?

- How should recruiters behave in these spaces?

- Scraping or Social Engineering?

- What is the best tools for find Discord data?

- Do you have the same profile across Discord servers?

- Has anyone had any success hiring from Discord?


All this and more with w/ Wim Dammans, Talent Sourcer (Tennet) & Rosie Sherry, Founder (Rosieland, ex-Indie Hackers)

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