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Brainfood Live On Air - Ep171 - How to Better Handle LayOffs

September 9, 2022

Ethics & Experience: How to Better Handle Layoffs


The high profile tech layoffs keep coming, and the response of employers forced to make cuts has been under scrutiny, whether the method is via mass zoom calls, or through making vulnerability posts on LinkedIn. Got me thinking - IS there a good way to do this, or or is this simply a hard task which is always going to be unpleasant?


You will learn:


- Ethics and Experience, guiding principles of redundancy

- CEO, HR or Line Manager?

- Importance of messaging sequencing

- Fiduciary duty to organisation, account lockouts, permission, access

- Do we have a redundancy protocol?

- How does Remote impact Redundancy approach

- Psychological closure for stakeholders

- Off boarding & support

- Employer action, Hiring Manager action, Colleague action


All this and more with Christine Ng, Head of Talent & Media (Quantum Motion), Brian Evje, HR Lead (NREP), Kate Bischoff, Attorney & HR Consultant (k8bisch LLC) & Margaret Buj, Senior Talent Partner, (MixMax)

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