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Brainfood Live On Air - Ep165 - How to be Influential on Video

July 29, 2022

How to Influential on Video


The shift to remote has changed the way in which we work and communicate; it makes sense to think that it may well have changed the way we sell and influence also. Remember when the telephone was the primary channel of communication, before email and internet? The same skills were not necessarily transferrable to the new media and many former elite performers fell behind because they were unable to adapt to new technology. Are we in the same place with video??


- How is video similar to sales / influence in person, on phone, via email

- In what ways is video different?

- What types of video - synch vs async?

- What are the types of influence - executive, agenda setting, reframing

- What contexts are influence do recruiters need to be aware about?

- Practical techniques to get better at video influence / video sale


All this and more with Somer Hackley, Author (Demystifying Exec Search), Mike Basnett Sandiford, Head of Partnerships (Horsefly), Stephen O'Donnell, Chief Growth Officer, (TATech) & Anton Boner, Commercial Director (Screenloop)





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