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Brainfood Live On Air - Ep163 - Recruitment Marketing to Different Generations

July 15, 2022

Recruitment Market for Different Generations


We hate generation stereotypes for a reason, but it is also undeniable that there are differences in how we consume information, that can be split along age demographics. As the information ecosystem changes so rapidly, this means that we all start our journey in digital from a different place, and therefore consume information in different ways.


So... for do we market and sell to different generational cohorts?


- Overly broad strokes, lets talk cohorts

- What medium?

- What message on that medium?

- What types of content work best on those mediums?

- What are the key differences to recruitment marketing to Gen Z, Gen X, Millenials and the Baby Boomers?


All this and more with Clair Bush, VP of Marketing (Adway), Josh Willows, Global Job Distribution & Performance Specialist (IBM) & Dave Hazlehurst, Founder (Ph.Creative)




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