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Brainfood Live On Air - Ep161- How to Hire for a No Name Brand

July 1, 2022

How To Hire for a Brand No One Knows


I mean no offence! But lets face it, there are some brands which are too new, too niche or simply too back in the supply chain to be well know to the masses. I suspect hiring for these companies may well be different prospect to hiring for well known B2C players, especially in tech. How do you go about marketing job opportunities for an employer no one knows?


- What the challenges of hiring for a brand that is less well known?

- Is it harder than hiring for a well known company?

- What strategies work / don't work?

- What is the best outreach strategy when name recognition is zero?

- How to overcome common objections?


All this and more with Iwan Gulenko, Founder (CoderFit), Alla Pavlova, Recruiter (Riot Games) & Wim Dammans, Recruiter (TenneT) - experienced recruiters who have all worked for employers no one knows.



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