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Brainfood Live On Air- Ep160 - Sourcing without LinkedIn- A 7 Day Challenge

June 24, 2022

Sourcing without LinkedIn....A 7 Day Challenge


We all b1tch about LinkedIn, but how many of us can actually recruit without it? I suspect it will be fewer than we would like to think! Hence, when Balazs and Ildiko posted about their 7 day experiment, it immediately grabbed my attention. What would we learn if we tried to live without unquestionably the most important service recruiters are using today?


You will learn:


- How much dependency do we actually have on LinkedIn?

- What percentage of recruiters are on what plans?

- What are the standard activities recruiters perform on LinkedIn?

- Without LinkedIn, what are the options?

- Alternative sites

- Scraping tools

- Community spaces

- Events data


All this and more with Ildikó Jakab, Senior IT Researcher & Onboarding Consultant (Qualysoft), Balazs Paroczay, Global Sourcing Strategist (Cielo Talent) & Alla Pavlova, Tech & Art Talent Sourcer (Riot Games)

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