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Brainfood Live On Air - Ep158 - Recession Proofing Your Recruitment Career

June 10, 2022

Recession Proofing Your Recruitment Career


If you've been following the market, the news is looking increasingly grim - record inflation, energy prices, increase taxation, tech hiring freezes, stock market collapse and the possible end of crypto - its looking like the good times have ended already.


As recruiters, we are often the first to feel the effects of the economy, and we each need to take action before the sh1t hits the fan. So, lets forget these past amazing 12 months, what actions do we need to take to future proof our recruitment careers?



- State of the Economy

- Growth sectors of the economy

- What happens to recruiters in recession - past experience

- Actions for 3rd party, in-house and RPO recruiters

- What happens to the freelance market during downturn?

- How do technological change since last downturn change the dynamic?

- Is remote a help or a hindrance for recruiters looking for work?

- Will wages decline in real terms if we are in global competition/

- What practical things should a recruiter be doing, right now?


All this and more with Vanessa Raath, Founder (Talent Hunter), Neil Carberry, CEO (Recruitment & Employment Confederation) & Dorothy Dalton, Exec Career Coach (3Plus International)



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