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Brainfood Live On Air - Ep156 - Mega Scale Hiring (10,000+)

May 27, 2022

Mega Scale Hiring (10,000+!)


We talk about scale, then we talk about 'hyper scale', I'm going to go one further and talk about 'mega scale' - this is a hiring of tens of thousands of workers in short time frame. Pretty certain this is the sort of recruiting challenge that existing systems, processes and even people are not designed to do. So how do you do it?


You will learn:


- Under what circumstances does mega scale hiring happen

- What are the first 3 things to get right before you start

- How do we calculate the capacity required to hire the volume we need?

- What tooling is available to support acquisition, assessment and management?

- How do you think about candidate experience at this type of scale?

- How does the relationship between hiring manager and recruiter change?

- What makes a good mega scale project vs a bad one?

- What recruiter skills are needed to succeed at mega scale?


All this and more with Thomas Waldman, Director of Workforce Growth (Getir) and Kirsten Tolfree-Dart, Contingent Worker Programme Manager (Kantar)



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