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Brainfood Live On Air - Ep152 - Career Ladder to Chief People Officer

April 29, 2022

The Career Ladder to CPO!


Chief People Officer or 'CPO' is pretty much the top job in the internal side of the recruiter industry. I'm delighted to say that several people I knew when they were individual contributors have progressed their careers so that they now hold this position. How did they get there? We're bringing in a squad of recently minted CPO's to let us know what we need to know if we ever want to get to this spot.


You will learn


- How is CPO different from the other roles in the function?

- What are the knowledge gaps which are most important to fill in this role?

- How do CPO positions emerge?

- What is the optimal career trajectory to be considered for role?

- How important is domain experience for this role?

- Is it better that the person comes from HR, TA or something else?

- What was the interview process like, what do you have to prepare for?


All this and more in this week's Brainfood Live On Air. w/ Layla Kidwai, VP People, (Funding Circle), Antonio Arias Lopez, CPO (QuoIntelligence)  & Leslie Kivit, Founder, (The People Lab)



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