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Brainfood Live On Air - Ep144 - Building Institutional Confidence for TA & HR

February 26, 2022

There is status gap between departments in business. Finance is the treasury. Sales bring the money. Product / Engineering might make the things we sell. Legal creates the contracts we are all bound by. Where does TA / HR sit in this order? Why do recruiters / TA consistently seem to be a department that has fight extra hard to be heard? Perhaps, we lack 'institutional confidence'


- What is 'institutional confidence'

- How do we know this is a problem

- What do we need to do on departmental level to level the playing field?

- Is this even possible, or desirable thing to do?

- What is the role of evidence / data in producing better relationships

- How can we become more central to decision making

- Can a department build confidence?


w/ Lesa Molinari, Global Branding & Talent Acquisition Director (Colt), Juliette Rouquet, DITA SME (Danaher Corporation), Raj Gill, Talent Acquisition Manager (British Telecom) & Jon Hull, Head of Resourcing (Balfour Beatty)


Ep144 is sponsored by Oyster


Oyster is on a mission to create a more equal world by making it possible for companies everywhere to hire people anywhere. Their end-to-end distributed HR platform enables companies to deliver locally compliant payroll and benefits, as well as a smooth onboarding experience to team members and contractors regardless of their location.

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