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Brainfood Live On Air - Ep123 - Building Culture for Hybrid Teams

August 27, 2021



One of main concerns with operating a 'hybrid' mode of work is 'cultural cohesion' - how to ensure that team members are fully included in the company culture, irrespectively of their working style.

Critics will say that this is an impossible task and better to accept cultural separation; advocates are determined to make it work and have ideas on how.


We're going to be exploring both perspectives in this episode of Brainfood Live On Air


  • What the most important cultural concerns for hybrid mode of work?
  • What techniques have been tried to address these concerns?
  • How effective are they?
  • How has the team members - both those remote and on premise accepted these culture cohesion initiatives?
  • How do we know that it is working?
  • What metrics do we need to measure to better understand the effectiveness of hybrid?

We're with Melanie Hayes, VP of People (Harvey Nash), Julian Steinbuch, Founder (TechMinders) and Mertcan Uzun, Senior Manager  People & Culture (Blinkist)

Trying the Hybrid mode of work? You can't miss this folks.


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