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Brainfood Live On Air - Ep115 - Headcount Planning for HyperGrowth

July 2, 2021


When you are working TA in a rapidly scaling business, business as usual won’t suffice because nothing at all is usual about the circumstances you’re in. As the recruiter / Head of TA (guess what, at early stage chances are, you are both!) the founding team is going to look at you to make it happen for the business. 

- What roles to hire first at Seed, Serie A, Serie B?

- How to prioritise, based on need for business or difficulty in hiring?

- How to ensure diversity & inclusion when the pressure is to hire today and yesterday?

- How to keep track of all of this, what are tools we can use to manage & report?

- What are the essential tools TA needs to use?

- When do we expand the TA team?

- How do we structure it?

We’re with Matthias Schmeißer, Director of Talent (Beamery), Robert Krzyzaniak, Head of Talent (Taxfix) and Sanne Goslinga, Director of Talent (Marathon VC)

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