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Brainfood Live On Air - Ep114 - The Ethics of AI in Recruiting

June 25, 2021



OK I think we ‘get it’ - Artificial Intelligence or ‘AI’ is no silver bullet for the removal of bias in recruiting. In fact, we’ve seen no shortage of reports over the past few years that illustrate that perhaps AI powered solutions might inadvertently make the situation worse. 

And yet we are faced with the unavoidable reality that a hiring process involved only human beings is already bias and in desperate need of improvement. 

How can we use AI to help us recruit in a less bias way?

- what do we need to know about forms of bias?

- where does technology need to applied / withdrawn?

- what role should the candidate have in deciding this?

- what is the ideal relationship between human intelligence vs artificial intelligence?

We’re with renowned industry expert John Sumser, founder of HR Examiner, and Rob McCargow, Director of AI at PwC amongst others to talk through how AI can be ethnically used in recruiting. 

We’re on: Friday 25th June, 3.00pm BST / 7.00am PDT

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