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Brainfood Live On Air - Ep113 - How to Hire More Women Into Engineering

June 18, 2021


If you’re in tech recruiting, diversifying the composition of your engineering team must be one of your top priorities - and most persistent challenges. We’re gathering together an elite panel of guests - tech recruiters, tech vendors and CTO’s to try and figure out what the best options are for recruiters who want to hire more women into tech roles. 

- Is it just better sourcing?

- do we need to differentiate outreach?

- how significant is hiring manager buy in?

- do we need to reexamine who we know what good looks like?

- what is the impact of credentialism and tenure when it comes to gender diversity?

We’re with Alla Pavlova, Tech Recruiter (Miro), Joshua Hoffman, CTO (ex-Blendle, Soundcloud) and Oana Iordachescu, Head of Tech TA (Wayfair) on the panel, Markellos Diorinos, (CEO Bryq) steps into the co-pilot. 

Ep 113 is sponsored by our buddies Bryq

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