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Brainfood Live On Air - Ep106 - On Hiring Senior Execs

April 30, 2021


Have you had this experience?

CEO comes to you and asks you to begin a confidential search for a replacement for an incumbent C-level leaders. Search is going to take 6 months, so you need to get started now as there is a predicted need to upgrade the department - what do you do?

I have no idea, as no one (rightly) has ever trusted me to hire for their senior executive team, but it may be one of the most critical recruitment events to happen to a business.

- How to hire C-suite?
- How to hire confidentially?
- What are the qualities required to lead?
- Can these be quantified or is really just chemistry with the CEO?
- What techniques, approaches work best when hiring at this level?
- What are the differences between in-house vs 3rd party search?

All this and more in Brainfood Live On Air.

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