The Recruiting Brainfood Podcast

Brainfood Baked Fresh - Ep7 - Issue 316 in Review

October 31, 2022

Topics to discuss (and if you're registering now, you are getting a sneak preview of what's coming up on Sunday)


- Open Letter to Elon Musk from Twitter Employees

- Big Tech Winter is Here

- AI vs Gig Economy, who wins the creative war?

- 2022 Gen Z Survey (Cost of Living  + Side Hustle, changing the nature of work)

- Can you train emotional intelligence? Google tried

- Re-shoring might mean re-importing labour violations

- Van Life is Homelessness

All this and more folks, as we discuss the newsletter going on 30th. Register to join the chat and, if you fancy it, let me know if you want to come on screen

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