The Recruiting Brainfood Podcast

Brainfood Baked Fresh - Ep3 - Issue 311 in Review

September 26, 2022

We're back folks, after a three week hiatus!


Going to try and keep to this time but it is apparent with travel, covid and change of regnal eras, that we might not be as consistent as we want to be on this show!


Lets see how we go on this - we're review in the Sunday newsletter, with sneak peak content including: 


  • How Does UpWork, Work?
  • Redundancy as a path to Diversifying the Workforce?
  • Golden Handcuffs or Indentured Service?
  • Why Hiring for Clones is Good and Bad

All this and more, in our weekly review of Recruiting Brainfood, Issue 311. Join us on Monday, click on the green button on the top right to register. 

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