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Founders Focus - Ep34 - Up close and personal with Davide Rivel, Head of Clinch Europe

Founders Focus - Ep34 - Up close and personal with Davide Rivel, Head of Clinch Europe

November 30, 2022

Welcome to Ep34 of Founder's Focus - the show where we get up close and personal with the founder's of recruitment technology businesses - who are the people behind the product?

Next up is David Rivel, Co-founder of PathMotion and now Head of Clinch Europe, the online discussion platform which enables candidates to talk directly with existing employees of the organisation. 


- What is the Day in the Life of a Recruitment Tech Founder?
- Having done the job for several years, which parts of leading do you enjoy? Which parts do you dislike?
- What is the most important lesson you have learned in your time as Cofounder of the business?
- What was the one decision you would take back if you could?
- How would you describe yourself as a leader to a person who did not know you?
- Why online discussion - what was the origin story behind PathMotion?
- What have you learned about the industry since starting this business?
- What exciting things can customers expect in 2023?

Brainfood Live On Air - Ep182 - Hiring the Formerly Institutionalised

Brainfood Live On Air - Ep182 - Hiring the Formerly Institutionalised

November 25, 2022

True Inclusion: Hiring the Formerly Institutionalised


We talk a a good DEIB game in TA / HR but it's pretty clear that there are certain groups which are always excluded from the conversation of inclusion. When the last time your company hired someone who had been institutionalised? Chances are, never - as gaps in work history is knock out criteria, experience in prison or mental institution considered entirely discounted and moral judgements become the only signal we pay attention to.


We need to change this folks, not only because of the ethical imperative but also because there is an untapped talent pool which can really help solve some of the toughest hiring challenges we have today.


I'm going to be joined by Christine Ng in the co-pilot seat, as we interview James Fellowes, Founder, (Bridge of Hope) and Chance Bleu-Montgomery, Partner Support Manager (Bridge of Hope), hear their stories and try and learn from them how we can unlock human potential by adopting a new mindset and providing the kind of environment in which the human spirit can thrive.

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Founders Focus - Ep33 - Up close and personal with Arielle Kilroy, CEO of Dado

Founders Focus - Ep33 - Up close and personal with Arielle Kilroy, CEO of Dado

November 22, 2022

Founders Focus is the show where we get up close and personal with the leaders of the businesses changing the way we work today


Next up are Arielle Kilroy, CEO of Dado!


- What is the original story of Dado?

- What was the most important decision you got right in Year 1 of the business?

- How clear was the vision from the beginning - was it always there or did it emerge for contact with the market?

- How do you feel being a woman CEO has helped and hindered you as an entrepreneur?

- Were you always going to be an entrepreneur?

- As CEO, what is your approach when handling conflict between leaders in your management team?

- What's the hardest decision you've made this year?

- What advice would you give to a person thinking about launching a business for the first time?


All this and more as we take a deep dive into the business leaders building the technology changing the way we work today.



Ep33 of Founders Focus is supported by Dado

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Brainfood Live On Air - Ep181 - Must Have Recruitment Automation Backs for 2023

Brainfood Live On Air - Ep181 - Must Have Recruitment Automation Backs for 2023

November 18, 2022

Must Have Recruitment Automation Hacks for 2023


Ok so this is going to be a fun one. We all know that in recruitment there is never enough time to get your work done - there is always another email to send, another candidate to call, another search to try. Wouldn't it be handy if we were able to get some help in the form of automated programs which can be configured to do the work for you?


That's right folks, the topic of today's Brainfood Live is going to be a the Recruitment Automation Hacks you HAVE to know for 2023.


- What is recruitment automation?

- What are the most common tasks that can be automated?

- How does a recruiter figure out what tasks can be automated?

- Can you automate at scale?

- Lets see some example some what are the top 3 recruitment automation hacks recruiters need to implement by 2023?


All this and more folks - it is going to be a demystifier and a practical how-to


We're with Sofia Broberger, Recruitment Manager (Toca boca), Ivan Stojanovic, Talent Acquisition Manager  (Odyssey VC) & Greg Hawkes, Principal Sourcing Lead (M&T Bank) on Friday 18th November, 2pm GMT / 6am PDT.


Click on the green button on the top right to register and follow the channel here (recommended) to be notified when we go live.



Ep181 is sponsored by our buddies Talentiir

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Brainfood Live On Air  Ep180 - Is Boolean Dead? Latest Update on Google Search

Brainfood Live On Air Ep180 - Is Boolean Dead? Latest Update on Google Search

November 11, 2022

Is Boolean Broken? Latest update from Google


It's been 10 years since the sourcing community really started to separate itself as being distinct from 'recruiter'. In that time, the sub discipline has been a place of investigation, discovery, enhancement and close-to-magical tricks to get outcomes beyond those available to 'normal recruiters'


Nobody has been a more significant populariser of sourcing than Irina Shamaeva - whose blog Boolean Strings has been regularly featured in Recruiting Brainfood, and has by conservative estimate personally trained hundreds of sourcers around the world. So when Irina has a problem with how Boolean search works on Google, even the Google product team pay attention!


- What is Boolean search and why is it important for recruiters?

- How has this changed on Search engines?

- Why are google changing how search works?

- What techniques can be used to gather results which Google now hides or misses?

- What practices should recruiters adopt if Google continues down this path?

- How does Boolean compare with other search engines?


Essential to watch this one folks - 99% of online sourcing is done first via Google.


We're with Alla Pavlova, Recruiter (Riot Games) and Irina Shamaeava, Partner,  (Brain Gain Recruiting) 


Ep180 is sponsored by our buddies HiPeople


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Brainfood Live On Air - Ep179 - Employer Branding in a Recession Economy

Brainfood Live On Air - Ep179 - Employer Branding in a Recession Economy

November 4, 2022

Employer Branding in a Recession Economy


As the world looks down into economic slowdown and maybe worse, it behooves us to consider how this impacts many of the recruiting concepts that emerged during more bullish times. Employer Branding was certainly one of those, which arose as a key way in which to beat the competition for the best talent. How does all this change when the market turns bearish?


- How to work with positive messaging in a negative atmosphere

- Dealing with authenticity crisis

- How to do EB when making redundancies

- How to change tone whilst maintaining brand

- Is the brand message recession proof?

- Different techniques / cases for EB in downturn

- How to maintain morale of EB team


We're with the awesome Clair Bush, VP of Marketing (Adway), Susan Strayer LaMotte, CEO (Exaqueo) & Paul Bhangoo, Global Employer Brand & Attraction Manager (BT)


We're on at Friday 4th November, 2pm GMT. Click on the green button on the top right, and follow the channel here for updates (recommended)

Ep179 is sponsored by our buddies Adway

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Curious about the next gen solution for recruitment marketing? Adway provides ambitious talent acquisition teams with a fully automated platform to unleash their recruitment marketing and ensure more, better candidates at scale.

Brainfood Baked Fresh - Ep7 - Issue 316 in Review

Brainfood Baked Fresh - Ep7 - Issue 316 in Review

October 31, 2022

Topics to discuss (and if you're registering now, you are getting a sneak preview of what's coming up on Sunday)


- Open Letter to Elon Musk from Twitter Employees

- Big Tech Winter is Here

- AI vs Gig Economy, who wins the creative war?

- 2022 Gen Z Survey (Cost of Living  + Side Hustle, changing the nature of work)

- Can you train emotional intelligence? Google tried

- Re-shoring might mean re-importing labour violations

- Van Life is Homelessness

All this and more folks, as we discuss the newsletter going on 30th. Register to join the chat and, if you fancy it, let me know if you want to come on screen

Brainfood Live On Air - Ep178 - From Talent Intelligence to Talent Acquisition

Brainfood Live On Air - Ep178 - From Talent Intelligence to Talent Acquisition

October 28, 2022

From Talent Intelligence to Talent Acquisition


Talent Intelligence or TI has been the coolest kid in the recruitment block for a little while now, with elite employers using labour market intelligence to properly plan their hiring strategy. Even more relevant in the era of distributed working, employers now need to reach the global talent pool but do so based on data, rather than gut feel. So far, so good eh? However, how exactly do we get there?


- Case study from Citi

- What was the end goal of the project?

- What value was expected to be gained?

- How was the business case put together?

- What was the change management plan?

- How to get Hiring Managers, C-level and Recruiters to agree

- Key criteria for vendor / tools selection

- What were the main challenges?

- How do we know it's worked?


All this and more with w/ Jeremy Thornton, Senior Project Manager (Citi)


Friday 28th October, 2pm GMT 


Click on the green button on the top right to register for the show, and follow the channel here (recommended) for updates




Ep178 is sponsored by our buddies Platypus


Platypus is the HR and recruitment tool that measures cultural drivers of people across the organization to help you qualify decisions on hiring and managing your culture.


Get started from free, here

Brainfood Baked Fresh - Ep6 - Issue 315 in Review

Brainfood Baked Fresh - Ep6 - Issue 315 in Review

October 24, 2022

We're back with Brainfood Baked Fresh - 30 minute on air live review of the Recruiting Brainfood newsletter.

Get ready to talk about
- VC / Angel investor collapse confirmed
- Hiring in a Distributed World
- Women in Work 2022 Report
- Pre-Columbian Meso American Jobs
- More candidate fakery in the world of candidate fraud.

Join us and come on screen if you have to discuss!

Brainfood Live On Air - Ep177 - Hard Truths About Startup: Hiring, Firing & Culture

Brainfood Live On Air - Ep177 - Hard Truths About Startup: Hiring, Firing & Culture

October 21, 2022

Hard Truths About Startup: Hiring, Firing & Culture


There has not been a sector so widely lauded and intensively covered by the press that tech startup / tech scale up. We hear a great deal about the extraordinary growth, market leading competition and often cutting edge technical and cultural innovation. But beyond the hype, what really lies underneath the world of startup?


We are going to be talking hard truths about startup - the hiring, the firing and culture.


- What makes startup different?

- When does it become a scale up?

- When does it stop being a startup?

- Top 3 skills / traits a recruiter should have to thrive in this environment

- Top 3 things that we know are true but we don't talk about enough

- What are the most important things to get right when you start

- First 100 days what do they look like?

- How do you balance 'getting stuff done' with sustainable process?


All this and more with Meggy Sailer, Author (Culture Up), Anessa Fike, Interim Head of Talent Acquisition (NPR) & Robert Krzyzaniak, Global Head of Tech & Product Recruitment (Forto)

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