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Founders Focus - Ep11 -Euan Cameron and Andrew Wood, Co-founders, Willo

October 13, 2021

Founders Focus is the show where we get up close and personal with the leaders of the recruitment technology businesses changing the way we work today.


Next up Euan Cameron and Andrew Wood, Co-founders of Willo, the one-way video interviews that is the fastest way to discover and develop talent for your growing business

- What is the difference between being C-level vs Senior Exec?

- Why recruitment, why recruitment tech?

- Were you always going to be doing startup?

- What skills are top CEO skills? What areas of being a founders do you feel you need support?

- What do you look for when hiring for leadership potential?

- What does the product roadmap look like for 2022?

- All this and more as we take a deep dive into the business leaders building the technology changing the way we work today.


Ep11 Founders Focus is supported by Willo


With Willo, simply write the questions you want candidates to answer, then share a link with them. Candidates answer  in their own time, on any kind of device or browser of their choosing. Our focus is to create the most candidate friendly video interview experience possible, whilst providing employers with the fastest way to hire great candidates. 

Sign up for free at, that's W-i-l-l-o dot video.

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