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Brainfood Live On Air - Ep99 - Employer Branding Tips for a Remote First World

March 5, 2021

LETS FACE IT: Pre-covid, a great deal of Employer branding was focused on the physical space of the office building and the on premise experience that new employees could expect to have upon joining.. This was the reason for the huge investment employers made in commercial real estate, opening up space for WeWork (remember them?) to create a category which promised the experience without the fixed costs.


- we're all at home, working remote
- we don't care about the conditions of the office
- we're beginning to not care about the location of the office


How do companies communicate their EB when the physical environment isn't going to change for the employee? Some top tips on how to do this from our guests this week - Steve Ward (Universum) Heidi Wassini, Global Talent Acquisition. Helen Durkin EB Program Lead,  & Employer Branding Partner, Vivino & Akbar Karenga Head of Talent (Storyblok)

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