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Brainfood Live On Air - Ep94 - LinkedIn Q1 2021; Andy Foote Updates

January 29, 2021

LinkedIn - alternative universe for us recruiters that it is inevitably is - remains the No1 application that we use to do our work.

It has dozens of products, hundreds of features within products and al kind of ways to optimise between them which no one knows everything about.

Andy Foote probably comes closer than most; brainfood's favourite LinkedIn commentator, Andy is back for the first of his quarterly update shows on Brainfood Live On Air = where he updates us on what the latest changes to Linkedin have been and what we - as super users - need to do about it.

Learn about
- LinkedIn newfeed algorithm
- Linkedin new search features
- Linkedin Live / Newsletter / Articles / Posts / Polls

and much more.

Ep94 is sponsored by Daxtra.

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