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Brainfood Live On Air - Ep84 - Reflections On the Election: w/Tim Sackett & friends

November 6, 2020

We have to talk about it - the US Presidential election on the 3rd November - will have reverberating impact across the globe, such is influence of the United States. 

The radically different persona's, philosophies, even values of the two contenders will have more direct impact to the world economy and the world of business and recruitment than we might first realise. 

- What does a Trump win mean for offshoring & international trade?
- What does a Biden win mean for Universal Basic Income?
- Does DE&I go into reverse under a second Trump Presidential term?
- Will AI accelerate or decelerate under either of these men?
- What role does HR play during / after politically divisive moments?

We're going to be speculating about the near future folks, on the most important single event in 2020. 

Laurie Ruettiman, Lars Schmidt & Tim Sackett joins to help guide us through the culture, politics and economics of the next 4 years in the United States. 

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