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Brainfood Live On Air Ep180 - Is Boolean Dead? Latest Update on Google Search

November 11, 2022

Is Boolean Broken? Latest update from Google


It's been 10 years since the sourcing community really started to separate itself as being distinct from 'recruiter'. In that time, the sub discipline has been a place of investigation, discovery, enhancement and close-to-magical tricks to get outcomes beyond those available to 'normal recruiters'


Nobody has been a more significant populariser of sourcing than Irina Shamaeva - whose blog Boolean Strings has been regularly featured in Recruiting Brainfood, and has by conservative estimate personally trained hundreds of sourcers around the world. So when Irina has a problem with how Boolean search works on Google, even the Google product team pay attention!


- What is Boolean search and why is it important for recruiters?

- How has this changed on Search engines?

- Why are google changing how search works?

- What techniques can be used to gather results which Google now hides or misses?

- What practices should recruiters adopt if Google continues down this path?

- How does Boolean compare with other search engines?


Essential to watch this one folks - 99% of online sourcing is done first via Google.


We're with Alla Pavlova, Recruiter (Riot Games) and Irina Shamaeava, Partner,  (Brain Gain Recruiting) 


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