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Brainfood Live On Air - Ep167 - LinkedIn Content Feed - What Recruiters Have Got To Know

August 12, 2022

LinkedIn Content Feed: What Recruiters Have Got To Know


For the past 5 years LinkedIn has been one of the preeminent places to create content and build audience. In fact, without LinkedIn, it is unlikely that Recruiting Brainfood would have got anywhere near the size it has. It is therefore essential for us recruiters to better understand who the content feed works, especially as LinkedIn keep on changing it!


That's why we're going to focus this show on the mighty content feed and how to get your content seen by as many relevant people as possible. You will learn


- Latest understanding on how the content feed works

- Who sees your content and why

- What the impact of followers, connections, subscribers and engagers is to your reach

- Why it makes sense to continually build network

- Why it makes sense to continually engage

- Impact of various content types

- Making sense of new LinkedIn post analytics

- How to be a LinkedInfluencer (or not)


All this and more with the one and only Andy Foote, LinkedIn Content Strategist of global renown(!)



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