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Brainfood Live On Air - Ep120 - Remaking Candidate Experience, Post Pandemic

August 6, 2021



As we emerge from the pandemic era, we are beginning to realise that the world of work might begin to look radically different from what we were used to in the before times. Super hot labour market,  elevated candidate expectations, widespread re-evaluation of our relationship with work, changes in preferred methods of communication, reorientation and re-prioritisation of values.


How does all this impact the design of Candidate Experience?

  • Has CX increased / decreased in importance?
  • Why?
  • What used to work before but doesn't anymore? 
  • What did not work previously but does now?
  • What to do to differentiate from competitors when most of the experience is digital?
  • How / when to automate / humanise?

All this and more, as we explore the changing expectations of job candidates


We're with Jana Staníková (Autodesk), James Ellis (Roku), Christina Robinson (Green Umbrella), Adam Gordon, CEO, (Candidate-ID)and Steve Usher (5ive Studios). It's a must attend for anyone involved in top-of-the-funnel talent attraction

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