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Brainfood Live On Air - Ep104 - How to work with RPO’s

April 16, 2021



There comes a moment, in every recruiters life, when the right decision is to work with a Recruiting Outsourcing Partner. RPO's have traditionally been a model uses for super large scale enterprise projects but increasingly have found markets in rapid scale up environments, especially in technology. Partnered in the right way, RPO's can provide an essential component in hitting your hiring targets,

But how?

- When is the moment right to outsource?
- What do you outsource - a segment, or everything?
- How do you select a provider?
- How do we create a relationship which is win / win?
- How much does it / should it cost?
- What to do to make sure it goes right?

All this and more in Brainfood Live On Air!

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