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Brainfood Live On Air 101 - How to hire when you’re overwhelmed by Job Applications

March 19, 2021


Over the past 12 months we've observed the phenomenon of surging applicant volume, with numbers from 100-1000% more than the same moment the year before.  For many industries, especially ones which are absorbing workers from industries made dormant by lockdown, handing excess volume of job applications has become THE hiring challenge to tackle.

The shift to remote - and the 'hire from anywhere' approach - suggests that this pattern of high volume job applications can be expected for many types of job role.

- How to structure your TA team to handle it?
- How do you maintain / improve candidate experience?
- Does your relationship with the hiring managers change?
- What tech stack do you need to handle the volume?
- How do you ensure the TA team - the recruiter experience - remains intact?

All this and more in Ep101 of Brainfood Live On Air. We're with Clair Bush, VP of Marketing at ph.creative, Jelmer Koppelmans Founder at Roadtrip and Ben Gledhill, Head of Resourcing at Thames Water

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